Japanese Wool Gakuran Jacket-Jacket 07

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This is a wool version for Jacket 02, which has the exact same features as Jacket 02, but the material is different.

Gakuran is the jacket of the Japanese scholastic uniform for male and the classic Gakuran has a high and rigid collar and big brass buttons. Japanese scholastic uniforms had appeared at the end of the nineteenth century, modeled on the contemporary European naval uniforms. In particular the Gakuran derives its aspect from uniforms of the military cadets of Prussia.
You must have seen jackets like this somewhere in Japanese manga, animation or in the movies, which give the protagonists extreme opposite looks; a badass look or a nice school boy look just by how he wears it. The unique look of this classic uniform has influenced many major fashion designers and has been reinterpreted in various ways.

Guylook has transformed the classic look of Gakuran into a beautiful modern day topper.

  • This hip and street-edge badass jacket has a standing mandarin collar buttoning down from top-to-bottom and buttons are delicately engraved.
  • Double vents are used for the maxium comfort and the clean modern cut offers a wearer a flattering slim line.
  • You have two options wearing this jacket to exhibit your individualism. You can either wear it with the collar very straight and all the buttons closed for a clean & refined city boy look or try it with open collar or open buttons and creates a serious badass attitude.
  • It excellently goes with a pair of matching skinny jeans, slim cut jeans and slim cut slacks.

This exotic jacket will be a powerful fashion additon to your sartorial repertoire.

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